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Tirecockz Prank Dick Shaped Valve Stem Caps

Tirecockz Prank Dick Shaped Valve Stem Caps

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Description: May not be your standard 8-inches, but it’s bigger than any of your other hookups. What’s better than its length you ask? Being able to prank the sh*t out of your family and friends. Cover that valve stem cap with the beauty and the style known as “TireCockz.” These first ever weenie caps will have jaws dropping and minds blown (no literally). The perfect gift for any gathering: Bachelor/Bachelorette, Birthdays, Weddings, and hell even funerals. Now suck it up and purchase your very own TireCockz.

Patented Design Protected by U.S. Patent #D991156

Official Cock Mobile Design:

  • With a standard length of 1.625-inches (including balls).
  • Can screw on to any Schrader style valve stem (most common valve stem in car tires)
  • Contains four cockz in each pack.
  • A multitude of colors (for the risky: we have glow in the dark).
  • Used for cars, bikes, motorcycles (etc.).
  • No the black cockz aren’t bigger.
  • Great for pranking and gag gifts.


TireCockz are proudly made in the USA.


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