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(PRE-ORDER) Cats High On Catnip 2024 Calendar

(PRE-ORDER) Cats High On Catnip 2024 Calendar

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🐾 Introducing the Purr-fect 2024 Calendar: Cats High on Catnip! 🌿

Are you ready to embark on a year-long adventure filled with feline hilarity and cat-tastic capers? Well, you're in for a treat (or should we say, a "treat-y")! Our pre-order extravaganza is here, and the price drop is almost as steep as a catnip-induced acrobatic jump!

🎉 Original Price: $24.99
💸 Pre-order NOW for just $14.99

Prepare yourselves for twelve months of unbridled kitty chaos with our Cats High on Catnip 2024 Calendar. Each month, you'll be treated to uproarious snapshots of cats hitting the catnip like it's the kitty jackpot! Expect wild whisker adventures, hilarious high-jinks, and an abundance of purr-fectly amusing moments.

But wait, there's a "pawsome" catch! 🐾

📦 Shipping will commence in the 3rd week of October, so you'll have your calendar in paw-sitive time for the new year!
🚨 Limited slots available for pre-order. These calendars are disappearing faster than a cat chasing a laser pointer, so don't be a slow-poke!

Don't miss your chance to enjoy a year of side-splitting cat antics. It's the "purr-fect" gift for cat lovers and anyone in need of a daily dose of laughter. Cat-ch this deal while you can, because when it's gone, it's gone fur-ever!

Hurry and snag your Cats High on Catnip 2024 Calendar today! Meow's the time to indulge in some pawsitively hilarious moments with our fur-tastically fun feline friends. 😺📆

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