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Deez Nuts Drinking Wine & Whiskey Glasses

Deez Nuts Drinking Wine & Whiskey Glasses

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FUNNY BUTT SHAPE, SURE TO MAKE GUESTS LAUGH: Aerate your drink and swirl it lowly, in this novelty Women's Butt-inspired glass. The funny butt ceramic whiskey glass is designed with a naughty hip, the humorous shape is special, unique, and funny to make your drinking time more enjoyable! Perfect for all drinks whiskey, bourbon, scotch, wine, and more.

WOMEN'S BUTT DESIGN, DURABLE, AND HAND-BLOWN BY SKILLED ARTISANS: These lead-free glasses are hand blown with thick glass to prevent breakage. The butt shape is sturdy, holding the glass in an upright position to prevent spilling.

BEAUTIFUL AND EASY TO DRINK FROM: The mouth opening prevents evaporation while it allows you to drink without spilling your delightful drink, while the women's butt design makes it a novelty, comical experience for the ultimate bachelor!

PERFECT GIFT: This funny coffee mug is of great quality and is produced by skillful workers. Its novelty design makes it eye-catching and makes the perfect gift for boyfriends, girlfriends, lovers, and couples. Perfect gift for Birthdays, Christmas, Valentine's Day, or Weddings. It's a gift for any occasion!

SPICES UP ANY CABINET OR HOME BAR: These glasses will fully make a table or any bar look beautiful, and classy and definitely be the topic of discussion. The novelty Women's Butt Whiskey Glasses is specially made for when you want to relax with a nice glass of liquor

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