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Be Mine - Chocolate Dick

Be Mine - Chocolate Dick

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Flowers are so 2010 - Up your game this year and get your boo a gift they will not only love, they will remember forever!

Be Mine - Chocolate Dick is our Limited Edition chocolate penis in a box of the year, so don't sleep on this perfect gift.

This chocolate dick in a box gift is perfect for this thoughtful occasion or just a friendly reminder to eat a dick.

  • Five ounces of solid chocolate
  • Perfectly disguised as a luxury item
  • Featured in Huffington Post, Cosmo, Men's Health, Funny or Die and more

Originally developed as a way for people to anonymously tell their friends, office colleagues, etc to "eat a dick" without the repercussions, Dick at Your Door has grown into a great way to spice up the holidays, bachelorette party, have a laugh, or just eat some great chocolate that just happens to be shaped like a dong.

You supply the address we supply the dick.  It's that simple.

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