Blue Blur Laser Cut Animated Fidget Spinner

Blue Blur Laser Cut Animated Fidget Spinner

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Please note that as there are highly customized and difficult to manufacture that initial fulfillments will take a bit longer than normal to complete. Please review fulfillment processing times before ordering. We apologize for the delay in shipping and thank you for your understanding,

Animation works only when filmed, it will not animate to the naked eye. For a full tutorial on how to make your spinner animate check this video out!

Seen these awesome animated spinners on TikTok, or simply just feeling a little nostalgic, then you are in the right place!

Here you can get any of the specialized laser-cut six frame animations you have seen (and loved!) from TikTok, Twitter, or just the good ol' interwebs!

All of our spinners come ready to enjoy. No additional pieces or parts are needed!

***Disclaimer Instructions***

Step 1. Go outside into bright sunlight.

Step 2. Open up your favorite social media app.

Step 3: Spin your spinner

Step 4: Press record

Step 5: Post and collect all the likes